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Infographic on Shipping Between UK and USA


The USA is the UK’s #1 export partner and the USA is the UK’s 3rd largest supplier.

The UK is a focus market for I.C.E. Transport. We’ve put together this shipping spotlight to summarize the type and volume of goods moving between the two countries.

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FAQ on the TSA Known Shipper Program

I.C.E. Transport | Jan 31, 2020 11:45:00 AM | Services & Routes


For shippers of airfreight, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) runs a program called the Known Shipper Management System, commonly known as “TSA Known Shipper.” Following are brief answers to the questions we get most often about the program.

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International door to door shipping: a single source is best


An international shipment goes through many stages. There’s loading, drayage, maybe a ride on the rails, and then the ocean crossing. On the other side there’s Customs, more land transportation and then, finally, unloading.

So many chances for something to go wrong!

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Where can I find a heavy haul carrier?

If you’re looking for a trucker to move heavyweight international containers, you need to be resourceful. After all, only a fraction of carriers provide heavyweight services. When capacity gets tight, those slots fill up fast.

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