If your customer can't receive containerized cargo or oversized freight from the port, we can quickly transload it onto appropriate trucks for safe, compliant final delivery.

I.C.E. helps you...

Lower Total Shipping Costs

Don’t allow land side road restrictions on weight and size to dictate ocean shipping decisions. We’ll arrange drayage trucking services at origin or destination that allow you to maximize container payload.

Access Specialized Equipment

I.C.E. has a built-in network of specialized trucking companies, some of whom we have worked with for decades. To see how we can help with door-to-door ocean moves of heavy freight, check out our video.

Speed Distribution Cycle

Whether it's loading a container for export or coordinating final delivery at import, we make it happen fast.

Ready for export

For roofing cement bound for Europe, I.C.E. shipped truckloads to a transload location in Miami, where we carefully loaded containers for export, using airbags to prevent movement of pails and cartons.

Choose I.C.E. for transloading services because…

Nationwide coverage serving every major U.S. port.

We have an extensive network of proven transload partners that we've worked with for years.

Strategic focus on door-to-door coordination for heavy and oversized freight.

We handle the tough stuff that ocean carriers and large NVOCs often want no part of.

Family-owned, professionally-managed company.

Our success model depends on providing the highly customized, highly personalized service that you won’t get from the mega-3PLs that dominate the logistics landscape.  We get close to you and your business with the goal of becoming a seamless extension of your team.

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