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Expert tips on smarter shipping between the U.S. and Eastern Europe, including shipping of heavy goods.

What Shippers Need to Know About Being an Exporter of Record

I.C.E. Transport | Mar 7, 2024 7:30:00 AM | Customs clearance, export services


In the world of cross-border commerce, it’s important to note that different parties have clearly defined roles in order to expedite the process and manage the many important details. This ensures that there is as little friction as possible holding up an international shipment. The role of the exporter of record is certainly key in the shipping and customs process, so we’ll take some time to break it down.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Export Shipping

I.C.E. Transport | Feb 27, 2024 7:30:00 AM | ocean shipping, export services


While there are abundant opportunities for business growth right here in America, some of the fastest growing markets are overseas. Capitalizing on these opportunities requires knowledge of export shipping. This article covers the basics of shipping your U.S.-made products overseas – efficiently and in full compliance with customs agency requirements.

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