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Shipping Steel: I.C.E. Transport Operation Moves 132-Foot Rails

I.C.E. Transport | May 14, 2020 7:30:00 AM | heavyweight freight, out of gauge


A major rail line in the New York Metro area was able to source the steel rail it needed in the UK. The company arranged ocean transport to the Port of NY/NJ, but transporting the steel rail from New Jersey to Connecticut was going to be a challenge since some of the rail sections were 132 feet long.

Through its UK-based forwarder, the company tapped I.C.E. Transport to handle the over-the-road portion of the trip in the U.S. due to our focus on heavyweight and oversized freight.

Upon arrival at the port, the steamship line offloaded the steel rail from the vessel and placed it on MAFIs in the yard since the steel could not touch the ground. The shipper specified that the product could never have more than 12 feet of overhang during any leg of the trip. The port did an excellent job, using 3 forklifts to lift the product and prevent as much bending as possible. 


shipping steel


I.C.E. worked with a specialized trucking partner to carefully plan the route, coordinate the required escorts and gather the necessary permits. The carrier combined two low-boy trailers and two empty shipping containers to create a safe, customized solution to the unique steel shipping challenge. Steerable axles were used in the rear of the trailer to allow steering from the back and special supports were installed to adhere to the customer’s specified overhang limitations.

The truck loaded up one afternoon at the port, departed the next morning in accordance with the permits and delivered the cargo that afternoon with no issues during transit. Although road speeds were obviously limited, the shipment arrived ahead of schedule since roads were largely free of traffic due to COVID-19.

If you have an oversized freight shipping challenge, including shipping steel , contact the experts at I.C.E. Transport to assist. 


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