I.C.E. Transport’s roots run deep in Poland.  We were one of the first international freight forwarders created in Poland after the democratic elections in 1990. Today, I.C.E. offices in the U.S. (New Jersey) and Poland (Gdynia) work closely to manage large volumes of freight between Poland and the USA and Canada.  Visit the I.C.E./Poland website.

Benefits of I.C.E. Transport for the Poland-USA Shipping Lane

Competitive Shipping Rates

Strong freight volume in the USA-Poland shipping lane results in reliable service at very competitive rates.

Ship to Anywhere, from Anywhere

Our global shipping network enables service between the U.S. and any major port in the world.

Door-to-Door Global Shipping

We go well beyond container shipping, with strong transload and trucking services in the U.S. and Poland.

Customs Clearance

Customs brokerage services in the U.S. and Poland lets us handle import and export customs clearance as part of a total global shipping solution.

Expert Guidance on Heavyweight and Oversized Freight

We work with small and mid-size shippers to reduce per-pound shipping costs.

Easy, Single-Source Solution

I.C.E. has direct offices in the U.S. and Poland, so you work with one company, from pick-up to delivery.

Need help with USA-Poland shipping?

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