As heavy and oversized shipping specialists, I.C.E. Transport makes extensive use of flatbeds because their lighter weight allows us to load more cargo but remain within DOT weight limits for road transport. I.C.E. experts can advise you on equipment type and help you source flatbed capacity from our extensive carrier network.

I.C.E. helps you...

Access Flatbed Capacity

Flatbeds are harder to source than dry vans, so it helps to work with 3PLs like I.C.E. that already have these strong carrier relationships in place.

Stay Compliant

Some oversized shipments require careful planning and special permits. This is I.C.E.’s specialty. We can advise you and handle all shipping details.

Get There Faster

OK, you're not shipping CPG products, but your customers still want it fast. We can help.
Construction Vehicles

Some people will go anywhere for a bargain

A Polish company purchased this used construction equipment at a U.S. auction event. They relied on I.C.E. to pick up the equipment at the auction site, truck it to a warehouse, load it onto a container, ship it to Poland, and arrange final delivery in Poland.

Choose I.C.E. for flatbed trucking because…

Proven solution.

Decades of experience moving heavy and oversized freight safely and on time.

Access to a wide variety of trailer types.

Flatbed, step deck, double-drop, side kit, multi-axle and more.

Flexible trucking options.

Regular runs or spot shipments. Short or long haul.

Need help with flatbed trucking?

Let's figure it out together.