Shippers mistakenly believe that 44,000 pounds or less is the limit for door-to-door ocean shipments because that’s the cutoff many shipping lines apply.  I.C.E. can work with you to legally ship 55,000 pounds or more to drive down your ocean shipping costs. Check out our video.

I.C.E. helps you...

Maximize Container Payload

Overweight containers are too heavy to be legally moved over the road without specialized equipment and permits. We handle these land side logistical details, enabling you to load as much as 25% more units per container.

Access Specialized Equipment

I.C.E. has a built-in network of heavy haul trucking partners who handle heavy and oversized goods. Some we have worked with for decades.

Simplify Heavyweight Cargo Shipping

Use one partner for freight booking, documentation, customs clearance and final delivery. Services include any special permits required to move your overweight containers.

Download Your Ultimate Guide to Shipping Heavyweight & Oversized Freight

Load more, pay less

A shipper of knock-down furniture was planning to load its ocean containers to a standard 44,000 pounds at a door-to-door shipping cost of $3,930, or $196.50 per metric ton. I.C.E. Transport recommended increasing the container payload to 55,000 pounds. This increased the door-to-door shipping cost slightly (based on higher final mile trucking costs) but lowered the shipping cost metric per ton to $170.40 – a significant $26.10 per ton savings for this high-volume shipper.

Why I.C.E. for overweight container shipments?

Seamless door-to-door service.

One partner. One point of contact and accountability.


I.C.E. is a market leader in shipping heavyweight and oversized cargo. See our Instagram feed for examples.


We know the regulations in each state and secure the proper permits on your behalf. See our reference document on weight restrictions by state.

Peace of mind.

We monitor shipment progress to ensure you’re never in the dark about your critical shipment.

Need help with overweight container freight?

Let's figure it out together.